AQUAR.IO BIGGEST FISH SWARM BATTLES! | New .io Game Guide, Best Moments & Highlights

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  1. there should be 6 types of fishthe queenthe pufferfishthe small fishthe crabsthe lobsters (useless)the mutated fishes (slow except for crabs)

  2. Wow sponsored vid? Nice xD (Just Kidding)

  3. Hi Ihasyou. Im the firts one big fan too

  4. “There’s plenty of fish in the ocean.”

  5. I've seen a game like this that's in 3D

  6. does no one want to mention lvl 5 queen. why is it so hard to find a video in regards to that??

  7. I played this game for years and never got bored, but sadly its not opening for few days now. Whats going on?

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