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We play in this Modded Among Us Mini Game

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• Video Editor ► Russell

• Thumbnail Maker ► Flash

• Animator ► David

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​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu – Such Fun
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  1. Capybara capybara capybara capybara capybaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. lookumz sad so he is eating a baguette

  3. Thanks for making the good points blue

  4. My girlfriend broke up with me 💔💔💔💔💔 oh yeah I forgot that I don't have a girlfriend


  5. And if you think I'm a girl I'm not with that's my original name okay my mom called me that forgot my mom is not here so you supposed to come tomorrow with a car so far away that we glittery poop

  6. You looked like kirby when the exponational abbility cutscene started

  7. Sunday you realize you’re going to have eight emergency meeting button and you want to be able to vote you out

  8. I always wonder why Ssundee's friends sound like Indian

  9. In among us what's everyone's favourite map. Mine is polus

  10. 😂wjssjjsjsdhdhsjxxnnsmsmzbxnzkzkdjxjxxnxnxndnsnsjsjjsjsjxjdjdjdjzjzjzjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjjsksksdjdndjdnxnxmzmkskskßßssssSkaldlffkfk

  11. Now your the only youtuber that I watch cus you are not boring

  12. Bruh SSundee the drop ship is in another planet lol

  13. can you show us how to play with u

  14. Who has been watching Sandy for eight months

  15. Only 83K people have eaten before?

  16. Where did Henry go why she not her nobady talkabout that

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