Addressing YouTube Clickbait: An Honest Take (.io Games)

I have gotten tired of the discussion of clickbait and also gotten tired of frequently explaining myself to the same people over and over again, so I am going to talk seriously about my stance on the infamous discussion that is clickbait in a video.

This is mostly about .io clickbait, from, to, to, to, to and more, but also touches on Fortnite clickbait and my honest opinion on the matter as a whole.

No YouTubers were mentioned in the making of this video. I am not interested in giving them more attention than they already have and it’s not fair to give them any more hate than they may already receive. However, I use some thumbnails they have used as specific examples to what I am explaining about.


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  1. I've been tired for so long about this discussion about clickbait, and I am tired of explaining myself over and over behind the scenes, so here's my honest take about clickbait as a whole.Now excuse me while I become a clickbaiter. (Just kidding)

  2. Clickbait X to become the newest parody Corrupt X because Carpet X Carrot X and Trombone X wasn't enough.

  3. I feel this podcast like way of doing videos (not sure if that is the proper term but I'll roll with it) does suit you well. Some valid points are brought up here and it doesn't feel like you were just rambling. Good video.

  4. Man I care what did you feel it this io games are trashed

  5. why man addressing a clickbait to youtube all io games????????

  6. Clickbait is clickbait, no matter what. And lets agree: clickbait just means u only want money and a kid fanbase. I've been watching youtube for like 3 or more years, both global and portuguese yt. Good to know that theres someone trying to grow and make actual content, not that fortnite type shit( sayed fortnite cuz its a game where that type of stuff happens more, but it happens in everything). Makes me sick knowing that both yt itself and yt content creators are going through that bad path. Whatevz. Thats yt today. Very few actual original content videos or good videos. Thing that sucks, like i said b4. Just hope people open their eyes to whats fake and whats real

  7. I agree with everything, smart analysis! Btw the worst are youtubers who steal content…

  8. 4:16 Yeah people who do that are really misleading, but I don't think anybody would do that!
    Excuse me.

  9. Guessing this is Batrix or Ihasyou

    just guessing meng

  10. The real clickbait is that one that you see a red potato in a magazine and when enter finds it normal.

  11. carot ecks i hates you you know liek cewl titles that makess me clcik video because liek fishing you ned to ctach viewrs mhm okay nad then it maske me want to clikk other wise i just think its boring and then i no watch videos whitch is your faults so clickbaits are gud and stuffs. a=okay but the only gud thinks are your voices so yeah they sound epic but beign anti-clickbaite is gae. kthxbai ps send me toe raveal i si biggest fin.

  12. 'Corrupt x is the youtuber we need, but not the one we deserve'

  13. I see no clickbait in the subject.
    Clickbait? rnnnn -_-

  14. That was the most glorious 12 minutes of my life.

  15. Let me guess the name of this youtuber…iXPLODE?

    Edit: I was talking about the youtuber who asked corrupt to steal others clips for fortnite content.

  16. I hope this video says something to clickbait youtubers. Cough* Baxtrix, IHASYOU cough*…

  17. When I made a sarcastic comment about switching to a Fortnite channel I got threats from a few kids that they are going to unsub 😂😂😂

  18. I was getting worried you missed me. Luckily I saw my thumbnail at 6:56. Good video btw 😉
    Your opinion on clickbait is honest. I appreciate that.

  19. Can you do some more doomed and doomed2 io video's?

  20. Very true… Someone accused me of clickbaiting by titling a vid "GETTING ON THE LEADERBOARD?!" because I did a collab with a few people and we got a 26 kill squad game, and the lowest on the leaderboard for squads that day had been 25, so we knew we got on the leaderboard.

    Also, yeah. Using arrows to point out something important from the vid shouldn't be a crime. Doing ridiculous thumbnails with something that doesn't even happen in game that doesn't even resemble the game is a crime. It's a shame that these people succeed, because I'd like to think that if someone does YouTube only for the money, views, and fame, that they wouldn't last long. Unfortunately, these guys all seem to clickbait, so they get exactly what they want, and at the same time, they set a bad example for smaller YouTubers.

    Hai :3

  21. Not a pleasant topic to talk about but definitely one that badly needs discussing. Good video, CX.

  22. Corrupt X – The most honest io youtuber tbh.

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