50 .io Games Described in 1 Sentence.

From Slither.io to Mope.io, from Diep.io to Arras.io, from Surviv.io to Taming.io, These are 50 of your favourite (or not so favourite) .io games described in 1 sentence. Enjoy, or don’t. That’s up to you.

These are all jokes. Learn to have a sense of humour if you take this too seriously.

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  1. kongretate bad is the new necromancer is superior than overlord

  2. Wow starveio made it… hope starblast io and battle dudes also made a cut

  3. I liked the old surviv.io without the potatoes and stuff so it basically ruined the game for me.
    Moomoo.io is unplayable sometimes but it looks like it calmed down a bit.
    Starve.io is fun but I havent played it in a while so I dont know if anything major happend that could kill it.

  4. Mope.io is a classic and is absolutely fantastic I recommend you make some vids on it just 👌👍

  5. The fact Pung is ballsack in Swedish just makes Pung.io a way funnier name lmao

  6. YES evades made the list:) Did you actually get chrono though, or got lent an account? If legit, was it fun getting the heroes though?

  7. I love how his accent/voice changes for the different games!!

    your content is absolutely splendid by the way

  8. So much languages in this commetsection.. is someone a German here?

    So viele Sprachen in dieser Kommentarsektion. Ist hier irgendwer deutsch?

  9. dude can you help me about my frien BEGGING ME SO MUCH TO PLAY SURVIV.IO HELP ME I AM TIRED OF HEARING (yo wanna play surviv??)PLS HELP…

  10. wow i was searching for some of these games and didn't know the names.. and found them here lol ty

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