Someone’s watching you while you poop… Also another Siren Head game! Spooky, scary stuff!


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  1. That last game had the strangest tree models I've ever seen. Who models trees like that? They looked like strange broccoli!

  2. I've spent hours looking for Cut Short!
    I found it☺

  3. Does he not look like the guy he says tye bite of 87

  4. wait, is….that "baybayin" the old filipino alphabet on the bathroom door 1:07

  5. I literally love how Mark was goofing around, messing with boxes and hands and breaking vases like it ain't even a horror game in the second one

  6. The monster in the first game growled what was it a dog

  7. "Bosalan" Ehe for some reason that's the meaning of the symbols. It got me curious on what it meant.
    (I used Abacada, Filipino Alphabets in order to read the symbols)

  8. Mark would be the type of dude to walk into a room full of severed limbs and immediately begin spinning one of them around in the air like a helicopter blade.

  9. I just recently watched Endigo's Remix song of some lines from this video after having watched this video YEARS ago. And now I can only hear that song when hearing certian lines… xD

  10. Super Surprise Party would have been even better if the voice actor understood, uh…. how to be subtle better. Still a bit of a spook, and quite good, but he gave away the twist a bit too much.

    The painting got me tho. That was set up nicely.

  11. I literally just got done rewatching NIghtmare House 2, and then Mark goes ahead and references it in the next video I happen to watch! That's crazy!

  12. nah nobodys watching me duh not even wean i poop

  13. 12:08 video part ->

    }Markiplier be like: ''im just craZY as the monster! WUAAAAH-War yelling– oh, dont work… WUAAAAAAAAH …alright…. looong akward silence *(war yell intensifies)WUAAAAAAAAH*, oki :>"

  14. As a man with 5 pet cats I can attest that they have “sweet toothes”

  15. Whenever I use a bathroom stall, I always fear that if I look up somebody will be there

  16. "I might be dead wondering the ether" does that mean your william?

  17. I knew the last game was a siren head game atleast im geussing

  18. The bathroom stall one was genuinely genius.

  19. super suprise party was just annoying to watch

  20. the picture on the video is a picture i used for my channel in halloween

  21. "3 scary games"
    me watching 4 scary games in one video: "yayy more markiplier :D"

  22. The symbols : ᜊᜓᜐᜎᜈ are actually called Baybayin ( the pre-Spanish script of Filipinos ) the developer is probably Filipino lol i love that

    edit : i looked it up online and turns out he actually is Filipino 😭

  23. yeah that second game could’ve had a better scary factor ……. hot voice though

  24. This is not a game. Its a tutorial on how to survive the boys bathroom (2:15)

  25. When mark screamed me and the bathroom his eyes git so wide it was like a cartoon

  26. is the music from cut short an actual song or was it made for the game?

  27. when he said “man you walk slow” it gave me flashbacks to the school hallway

  28. When Mark went through the white portal thingy in “Cut Short” the Cats & Soup ad came on and I genuinely got scared😭

  29. He was playing smash or pass with the vases and I guess he liked them all.😂

  30. You should play Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom

  31. the voice lines in SSP gave me secondhand embarrassment and you can very clearly tell it's an indie game based on the script/coding and the mic quality of the VA
    it had so much potential but was just an ok game honestly

  32. At this point not having a jumpscare in the beginning is scarier because then for a good few minutes you're expecting a delayed one

  33. Niot the safest practice, but I've seen candels in some smaller business bathrooms, helps a lot with the smell.

  34. That was a pretty great short little horror bit lol

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