The International 2019 organized by Valve:

The International 2019
Match id: 4969405883

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  1. Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb!

  2. Damn good io but prefer my tank/support io👌

  3. And thanks to ana you destroyed sea pub 🤣🤣

  4. Now u have these players thinking they can carry IO without a proper team.

  5. Who's here after hearing about he's multimillionaire part time job retirement? Thanks ana #humblegod

  6. Thank you ana! Good luck to your future endeavors!

  7. I played io yesterday. Me mvp . Id : smurfshah

  8. Did you know if a girl is on her periods and sits on a table it becomes a periodic table

  9. Дота ТВ РУ и на английском, конченные:)

  10. so This is the reason why axe can go carry now xD

  11. I just love jerax man…the way he play…when the team needs him he will always be there..in this game i can feel he is trolling even his team hahaha nc1

  12. I mean…can't get much more cancerous than an Io carry. It's genius but dammit it that doesn't negate the whole point of the hero, to some extent.

    A support Io main.

    (I've tried carry io before….just too sweaty for me, so to say)

  13. Caster : "Is this carry axe? Dude im so ready for carry axe"

    7.29: My son ur time has come

  14. "will he make it?…oh my goodness, he didn't."

  15. This OG roster is the best. They can adapt to whatever picks they need for the game.

  16. " wo what the?? What the hell is going on. Whaaa is happening" lmao🤣

  17. You didn't include the beginning of the match that shows how many wins Ana had on that IO carry… I think it was 40 plus

  18. Some of these guys who got balled to the face now a TI champ.. gg 33 and saksa

  19. anyone knows what gives topson and ana auto attack effect?

  20. 2019 OG was so ahead with the strats they basically treated the entire TI9 like it was a pub. good times.

  21. OG wouldn't have brought this strat up for another game at TI9 had NIP won this game.

  22. one of my favorite caster combinations, damn you grant..

  23. Back to this clip, I thought that TI9 is just one-sided for OG, but its kinda weird for us to claim that, because HELL YEAH OG did play around enemies' mentality! 🤣 It's not like a single fucking easy game like TI7 Liquid and TI11 Tundra. They really enjoy the game with their basic meta. It feels so different, Idk why. Professional player with tug playstyle?! 😅 Miss them so much! ✨

  24. This is the reason why I named my daughter Io. Never regretted it 😁

  25. Tundra eSports after winning ti – we are better than OG
    Sneyking, saksa, 33 fountain farmed by OG 😂😂

  26. They are so dominant in this TI. The chemistry and synergy is insane + individual skills. Unmatched.

  27. The day Yatoro does something like this, he will just be better than Ana

  28. All I want to see is Spirit, Liquid, OG at their peak to fight to find out who is the best

  29. The best part about 2019 OG is their hero pool crosses into each other's. This meant it was really really hard to read who is playing who and therefore really hard to counter pick them.

  30. lets be real, topson won them this game

  31. 2024 still watching, comments came to 666 had to do one just to put it out of that

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