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Run across the desert, clear the columns and see how far you can go. Challenge your friends and share your score. Choose to play with one of the two skilled desert runners. How it works – Tap to jump & double tap to swing   Android version of Desert Runner […]

Desert Runner

Magic Lamp Version 2.3 released on Google Play and HTML5. The famous Magic Lamp! ★ Works the same as a Magic 8 Ball but with more answers. ★ Struggling to make a final decision? Shake or rub the Magic Lamp and trust its answer! ★ A fortune-telling or advice seeking […]

Magic Lamp

Running Rabbit Version 2.1.1 released on Google Play and also on HTML5. The addictive mega-hit Running Rabbit is now out for Android! All your friends are playing it – can you beat their high scores?! Test your reflexes as you jump and roll to avoid crashing into various enemies, collect power ups […]

Running Rabbit

Arcade & Action game released on Android and HTML Join the AMAZING ROBOTS and take control of an exciting, running, jumping, sliding and dodging robot in this hugely entertaining action endless running platform game. Hop across mines, spikes, funny enemies and slime balls while dodging aliens bullets. COLLECT POWER UPS […]

Robo Runner

Arcade & Action game released on HTML5 Take the GLOOP TROOP and go on an adventure to a WACKY planet. Explore the planet and collect resources while exterminating alien monsters for a small remuneration . Run, jump and use the GRAVITY BOOSTER to navigate the TROOP through the CRAZY obstacles […]

Gloop Troop | Planet Runner

Arcade & Action Game released on HTML AN AWESOME NEW SPACE BLASTER Features: » 3 Difficulty Modes » 3 Different Enemy Ships » 3 Powerful Weapons » Tons of Unique Power-Ups » Vibrant Music and Sounds » Touch Controls Space Blaster 2D is a shiny new space shoot-em-up featuring lots of power-ups, different kinds of enemy […]

Space Blaster 2D